Get up and running quickly on the world’s best CRM.

Aimed at helping budget-conscious SMB organizations maximize their Salesforce potential. CRMD’s QuickStart implementations offer dramatic improvements in a short period of time.

A guiding light

Access to the resources and experts your company needs to continually iterate and adapt to your latest business challenge.

Watch the magic happen

CRMD will provide a complete solution for ongoing innovation and provide directional guidance along your whole journey.

Enjoy your increased revenue

All of the features of Salesforce’s most robust license tier, plus out-of-the-box tools for managing your deals and customer/prospect relationships.

01. Business Process Review

The measuring tape to the tailor. CRMD will conduct interviews with all involved stakeholders to custom tailor the CRM to your company’s specific needs.

02. Implement

Based on our measurements, CRMD will begin the implementation of your CRM, with weekly check-ins to review progress and assess direction to make adjustments on the fly. We’ll also include a FREE data migration for qualified customers.

03. Training

Your CRMD dedicated PM will make sure you’re comfortable using the system and will teach you how to make minor updates so that you can focus on what matters to your business.

Core Implementation Features

We’ll implement a complete CRM to meet all of your core needs. With a predefined scope of work, our QuickStart service helps organizations maximize their
Salesforce potential in a short ~60 hour engagement.

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Take your office on the road – CRMD will enable you to use your custom-tailored CRM right from your phone with no additional cost.

Report Management

Track every aspect of your business in a way that’s easily reportable. View your top deals and make it easy to have meaningful management meetings.

Lead Management

Provide access to view all prospects and ability to relate them to particular initiatives. Ability to email, track and update all members.

Basic Batch Entry

Bulk update or import records using a simple, easy-to-use wizard. Ensure event attendees are updated with a single process.

Basic Automation

Get a pulse on your business proactively using workflows, so that operations run smoothly around well planned, actionable decisions. Create triggers from actions within Salesforce to automatically send emails, tasks or update fields.

Content Library / Data Import Accelerator

Build and manage your content, structured into libraries for easy access. CRMD will help you migrate from your old systems and import actionable and relevant data into Salesforce.

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CRMD Engage

Provides guaranteed access to CRMD resources and a dedicated project manager. This is not only a retainer, but an extension of your team. The SMB allotment is set at 20 hours / month.



Fixed Fee implementations are subject to approval based on discussions and scoping work. Recommend utilizing CRMD Engage post-implementation for additional support.

Fixed Fees


For EDUs, NPOs & NGOs

Nonprofit Pricing

Whether you plan to use Salesforce to deliver better programs, engage your community, communicate more effectively, or raise more resources, CRMD is ready to help you get up and running, and make a bigger impact.


Together We Build Dreams

CRMD follows the 1:1:1 Model – donating 1% of profits, 1% of services and 1% of our time to charitable causes.