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What Does the “D” stand for in CRMD?

By November 6, 2018 No Comments

Data? Dreamforce? Developers? DANCERS? Find out what it REALLY stands for below.


Take your best guess. Hint: the photo serves as a clue!


Many new clients on first approached often ask us what the ‘d’ stands for in CRMD. Below, founder & CEO William DeVito relays the reason why he opted to leave a comfortable job at a top global consulting agency, the genesis behind starting a boutique salesforce consulting startup and why he chose to name it CRMD.


Before founding his company in 2014, CEO William DeVito noticed as a young consultant in New York that much of the unique challenges facing businesses were being handled with too much of an old-school approach. Disruptive technology like and other CRM platforms were transforming the market, leaving big consulting firms frenzied to adapt quickly to a changing landscape and an inflexibility to train their existing workforces new skills on the fly.


Will saw a better way and shortly left “big consulting” thereafter to start a company with an agile approach to tackling unique challenges and bringing on talents to manage solutions that clients needed at a more compelling price-point. “I’ve always had a great appreciation for doctors – the way they can diagnose and treat their patients, the great knowledge they’ve accumulated, and ultimately the way they can help people get back on their feet feeling better than ever” The company was originally named CRM Doctors, a local consulting startup built with compassion that delivers enterprise-strength consulting and better bedside manner.


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“Businesses are very much like patients. They constantly are growing and adapting, and as such they need a excellent team of doctors behind them to ensure their growth can continue unimpeded .  I like to think of CRMD as those doctors – making house calls, recommending supplements and giving it to the patients straight.  The doctors at CRMD aim to be your trusted advisors for life.”