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CRMD does not operate on Holidays and Off-Hours.

Special exceptions may be made provided the written consent of both CRMD Employee(s) and Customer(s) specifying the dates and tasks that will be worked on.  Off-hours/holiday work will be billed to Customer(s) and paid to Employee(s) at 2x normal hourly rate.  Service Level Agreements are suspended during listed holidays. Please reference our table of holidays here.

Normal business hours are 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST, Monday-Friday.

Off-Hours Request

Please note, this policy does not apply to work saved for, or worked voluntarily over off-hours/on holidays when it could have been worked during the workday by the consultant or developer.  Our goal is to be fair to our employees – please do not abuse this exception.  If our teammates are being taken away from their families, cats, dogs, etc. to do work, this policy applies.