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Check out some of the common Salesforce solutions we specialize in.  If you have any questions, send us a chat or a meeting request!

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Core Offerings


We consistently deliver CPQ projects in record time. Our team of CPQ experts will help you size the engagement and advise you on what's needed, additional apps (DocuSign/Conga) and what kind of a lift it'll be.

Imagine a sales process where configuring products, pricing accurately, and generating quotes is a breeze. That’s what Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) offers! Say goodbye to manual errors and lengthy approval times. With Salesforce CPQ, your sales team can focus on what they do best—building relationships and closing deals. Embrace the efficiency, precision, and professionalism that Salesforce CPQ brings to your business.

• Streamlined Configuration: Easily configure complex products and services to meet customer needs.
• Accurate Pricing: Ensure consistent and accurate pricing with automated rules and discounts.
• Quick Quoting: Generate professional and error-free quotes in minutes.
• Reduced Approval Times: Speed up the approval process with automated workflows.
• Enhanced Sales Efficiency: Free up your sales team to focus on customer interactions and closing deals.

Ready to elevate your sales game? Let’s make it happen together!

Service Cloud

Want to elevate your customer service? CRMD makes the most of Salesforce Service Cloud to help you provide top-notch support. We streamline your service operations for quicker resolutions and happier customers. Let us help you transform your customer service experience!

Want to provide seamless, efficient, and customer-centric service every time? That’s what Salesforce Service Cloud offers! With Service Cloud, you can transform how you interact with customers and ensure they receive the best support possible.

• Unified Customer View: Access all customer information in one place, making every interaction personalized.
• Faster Response Times: Respond to customer inquiries quickly with automated workflows and intelligent routing.
• Multi-Channel Support: Engage with customers through their preferred channels—email, phone, social media, and more.
• AI-Powered Insights: Leverage AI to anticipate customer needs and provide proactive support.
• Scalable Solutions: Easily scale your support operations as your business grows.

Sales Cloud

Develop your sales process, manage leads effortlessly, and gain valuable insights to nurture customer relationships. Unlock your team's full potential with Sales Cloud!

Ready to take your sales to the next level? Salesforce Sales Cloud is your trusted partner in optimizing every aspect of your sales process.

•Efficient Lead Management: Capture, track, and nurture leads with ease.
•Insightful Sales Forecasting: Gain real-time visibility into your sales pipeline to make informed decisions.
•Personalized Customer Interactions: Build stronger relationships with personalized engagement at every touchpoint.
•Mobile Accessibility: Stay productive on the go with Salesforce Sales Cloud's mobile app.
•Scalable Solutions: Grow your business without worrying about outgrowing your sales tools.

Let Salesforce Sales Cloud and our expertise at CRMD empower your team to sell smarter and close more deals effectively!

Slack Enterprise

Get ahead of the curve with Slack Enterprise integrated with Salesforce. This powerful new tool enhances collaboration and communication across your organization, driving efficiency and teamwork.

Elevate your team's collaboration to new heights with Salesforce Slack Enterprise. This integration combines the power of Salesforce with Slack's intuitive messaging platform, offering seamless communication and enhanced productivity.

• Real-Time Collaboration: Instant messaging and file sharing foster quicker decision-making.
Integrated Workflows: Connect Salesforce data directly within Slack channels for streamlined operations.
• Customizable Notifications: Stay informed with personalized alerts and updates.
• Centralized Communication: Bring teams together across departments and locations for unified project management.
• Enhanced Security: Advanced security features ensure your data remains safe and compliant.

Experience the synergy of Salesforce Slack Enterprise and empower your team to work smarter and achieve more together!

Pardot / Marketing Cloud

Discover smarter marketing automation within Salesforce. From lead generation to nurturing and analytics, Pardot helps you engage customers with personalized campaigns that drive results—all seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Salesforce Pardot is your secret weapon for automating, personalizing, and measuring your marketing efforts with ease.

• Automated Campaigns: Save time with automated workflows that nurture leads and engage customers.
• Personalized Marketing: Deliver targeted messages based on customer behavior and preferences.
• Insightful Analytics: Measure campaign performance and ROI with detailed analytics and reporting.
• Scalable Solutions: Grow your marketing efforts seamlessly with Salesforce's powerful platform.
Integrated with Salesforce: Leverage the full power of Salesforce CRM for a unified view of your customers.

Experience Cloud / Portal

Build branded portals to foster engagement and collaboration across your entire ecosystem - whether it's enabling partners to register deals, or customers to manage support tickets, we got you!

Salesforce Experience Cloud enhances customer engagement and streamlines business operations with customizable templates, seamless integrations, and personalized content. Its mobile optimization ensures consistent experiences across devices, while built-in collaboration tools and robust security measures protect data and improve teamwork. Comprehensive analytics and automation tools increase efficiency and provide valuable insights.

Implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud with best practices leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased productivity through automation, and consistent branding. Data-driven insights inform strategic decisions, and the platform's scalability adapts as businesses grow. This holistic approach transforms customer interactions, strengthens relationships, and drives sustainable growth.

Three Steps

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01. Business Process Review

The measuring tape to the tailor. CRMD will conduct interviews with all involved stakeholders to custom tailor the CRM project(s) to your company’s specific needs.

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02. Implement

Based on our measurements, your dedicated PM will begin the implementation of your project, with weekly check-ins to review progress and make adjustments on the fly.

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03. Training

Your CRMD dedicated PM will make sure you’re comfortable with all functionality and will teach you how to make minor updates so that you can focus on what matters to your business.

Whether you’re new to Salesforce or need help in your existing org,
CRMD can help you every step of the way.

We specialize in the full line of Salesforce products including, Service Cloud, CPQ, Pardot, and more. Don’t know which Salesforce product is best for your business? We assist with choosing the right add-ons and the right customizations to fit your unique needs.


Don’t settle for out-of-the-box, customize your org, and extend the functionality of your Salesforce CRM. We help tailor your Salesforce org to fit your business needs.


Unlock the true potential of your Salesforce org. Our team helps identify areas for process improvement and recommends the best solutions for your company.


Our diverse team of qualified professionals have the resources and expertise to handle large-scale Salesforce Implementations and drive adoption.