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5 Best Website to Learn Something New

By January 31, 2017September 1st, 2020No Comments

We’ve plucked the 5 best websites to learn anything from data science to fundamental maths to learning a new language. This list is neither a definitive or exhaustive list (see below) of best websites. Learn powerful new skills for your career or personal development and never stop learning.


Without further ado and in no particular order, 5 crazy good websites to learn anything:

  1. Learn to code amazing websites in HTML, Javascript, and CSS with Dash, a free online course from General Assembly.

  2. Professional courses in marketing, design, and programming led by top industry experts (Kevin Hale, Dave McClure, Sam Altman to name a few) with Platzi.
  3. You’ve probably come across a few of TED-Ed’s insightful and incredibly enlightening talks, but did you ever dream there’d be SO many more? Lucky you.
  4. This year is finally the year you master French and flirt your way through the city of lights. Learn French, and 20 more languages, with Duolingo.
  5. SQL and Excel for data analysis are important skills in any project environment, so get cracking with DataMonkey and churn out those data sets!


The good people at MAQToob have compiled a list of 37 great websites that will  teach you practically anything, and for free. For more learning, check out for a complete online resource.


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