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Lightning Partner Community is the latest addition to Salesforce Community Cloud, an online social platform the CRM giant rolled-out in 2013. The company announced on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, that its new tool will help businesses increase sales and close deals faster. It is available starting Friday with a Partner Community Cloud license.

via ZDnet

According to the CRM giant, Lightning Partner Community is designed to help businesses and their partners accelerate sales. Essentially, the Lightning Partner Community extends the sales, CRM, and AI tools a business is using to its resellers, franchisees, and channel teams.

For instance, businesses can now offer customers a branded user experience across devices via Lightning, access to artificial intelligence services via Salesforce Einstein for partners, and extend CRM records for sales opportunities.In June, the Community Cloud underwent a makeover to make its tool more user and mobile-friendly.

This is a great addition to Salesforce’s Community Cloud, which underwent a platform makeover in June ’16 to enable a more mobile-friendly and personalized user experience. Real-time collaboration with Chatter, file-sharing, and record-view makes it ideal for businesses searching for self-service solutions for employees and customers.

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