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Setting Up Email Templates in Salesforce

By March 7, 2019March 29th, 2021No Comments How-To: Email Templates Helps Ensure Consistent & Timely Communication

This time, John walks users through how to create email templates in Salesforce Classic & Lightning. By working with email templates and creating emails within Salesforce CRM, Sales and Support teams can continuously track the activity and flow of communication happening with their customers and prospects.

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of getting a reply for your sales emails is to reach out to leads as quickly as possible. We found that leads that are less than one week old are most likely to reply. Overall, it is best to hit leads while they are fresh to maximize your likelihood of getting a response.


Timely correspondence is one of the foremost ways to stay recognizable. An opportune check-in or followup email promotes both credibility and professionalism in your customers’ eyes. As your sales and support team grows, maintaining consistent messaging can save everyone A LOT of time sorting their inbox and task list.

In the video below, watch John demonstrate how to create email templates in Salesforce Lightning!

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John Pontius is a Business Analyst with CRMD and has worked in the Salesforce platform as a Sales Manager and Administrator for over six years. He  holds his Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant and Platform App Builder Certifications and finds particular joy in helping clients eliminate repetitive, time-sucking actions through automation.  

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