How-To: What are Field Dependencies?

Every Thursday, our very own John Pontius, CRMD's business analyst and internal guru shares tips for Salesforce users and highlights the power of automation for businesses. This time, John walks users through field dependencies and how to create them to display appropriate picklist values based on contextual data from a controlling field. This help teams work more efficiently and keep org data clean.

To better illustrate what field dependencies are, below are terminology as defined by Salesforce Trailhead that may be handy for some of our viewers.

Picklists – “A selection of options available for specific fields in a Salesforce object, such as a list of regions.

Picklist Values – Single value from a list of options rather than make an entry directly in the field

Field Dependencies – “Filters that allow us to change the contents of a picklist based on the value of another field.

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John Pontius is a Business Analyst with CRMD and has worked in the Salesforce platform as a Sales Manager and Administrator for over six years. He  holds his Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant and Platform App Builder Certifications and finds particular joy in helping clients eliminate repetitive, time-sucking actions through automation.  

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