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Resources For Veterans Transitioning To Civilian Careers

Today we salute the willingness of brave Americans who fought and sacrificed for our country to protect our freedom.

For Veterans Day 2017, we highlight the list below of resources for Veterans transitioning to Civilian Careers compiled by Fast CompanyThese resources can help active, former and retired military veterans transitioning to civilian life find meaningful opportunities and advance in their careers.

Veterans pursuing careers in Technology can gain pathway to becoming Salesforce certified for free with Vetforce.” Vetforce is the Salesforce job training and career accelerator program for military service members, veterans, and spouses.” Through Vetforce, members get access to free training, classes, and career opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem. We are always looking to add more links to other resources for our veterans. If you have a link that you think should be included send us a message!

To our veterans and the families who serve with them, thank you for your bravery, sacrifice, and service.

Happy Veterans Day.

American Flag Flying In City

Infographic: Increase Productivity. Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

“Between 25-50% of people report feeling overwhelmed or burned out at work.”


Tony Schwartz, president and CEO of the Energy Project and author of Be Excellent at Anything, reveals in a 2012 Harvard Business Review article why multi-tasking kills productivity and ways to reduce work fatigue. Hint: Stop staring at your phone so much.

Here are 5 policies Schwartz suggest promoting in the office to fuel higher productivity:

1.Hold better meetings

Maintain meeting discipline by ensuring all meetings start and end at a precise time. Stay on tasks and keep a solid agenda with actionable next-steps. Schwartz recommend keeping meetings under one hour. Scheduling 45 minutes keep participants engaged and able tor reflect on what’s been discussed.

2.Stop expecting everything to be on-demand

Expecting instant responsiveness from employees forces your team into reactive mode, breaking their concentration and distracting them from finishing open tasks.

3.Take breaks

Take a walk, grab a nice latte from your local barista, or catch up on some leisurely readings. Intermittent breaks helps renew focus and reduce mental fatigue. Managers should consider organizing group workouts, mid-afternoon yoga classes, or creating a work-free zone where employees can relax or take a nap.

4.Distraction-free mornings

Keep morning meetings to a minimum and dedicate the first 90 minutes of your work day to catch up on important tasks, sans interruption. Take the first hour of your mornings to schedule routine times for open-ended thinking.

5.Use those vacations days

Breaking news: humans aren’t computers. Take time-off to completely disconnect from work, and encourage your team to do the same. Research shows regular vacations keep employees healthier and more productive.

Download the Infographic: Increase Productivity and Manage Your Energy from CRMD.

Remember, multi-tasking is a modern efficiency myth. Your work depends on quality and execution, not on your ability to juggle many things at once. It is far more important to be engaged at work, maintain focus and manage your energy efficiently.



Unlock Potential of with Data Science

CRMD compiles the 4 best free programming courses on the web.

CRMD compiles the 4 best free programming courses on the web.

Targeting a role as a data analyst or data scientist in the Salesforce ecosystem?

We’ve compiled 4 great resource to learn computer science that cost $0 dollars to start. Our criteria:

  • Freely available
  • Beginner-level courses that covers the fundamentals
  • Online-accessible, no textbook requirements.
  • Python-based with a robust curriculum (at least 15hours of study time)

So without further ado, here are CRMD’s 4 top free programming courses.

Coursera’s University of Toronto “Learn to Program” series.

Taught by University of Toronto’s associate professors Jennifer Campbell and Paul Gries, this 2-part series walks students through designing, coding, and validating their own Python programs. It is an excellent course for people who have no programming experience and want to get into the meat of Python. This self-paced course is estimated to take 7 weeks and 6-8 hours commitment per week.

MIT’s “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python” course on edX.

This is a great course offered by one of the world’s best consisting mostly of lecture videos broken into small chunks. Along with video lectures, there are programming assignments and standalone quizzes to test your knowledge. It’s a 9-weeks long course that will challenge students.

Dataquest’s “Python basics” course.

Dataquest is a newcomer on the MOOC scene but with a devout following. One of their most popular courses is this introduction to Python that help learners understand the programing language “as a foundation for effective data science, including syntax, loops, functions, classes, and more.” Intermediate and advanced Python courses are also available for those who want to graduate to the next level of data science.

Learn Python with Codeacademy.

Finally, we have Codeacademy. This popular course is great for complete beginners who want to understand fundamental programming concepts as well as how to run basic Python scripts. A paid upgrade will unlock 8 interactive projects, 9 quizzes, and 1 final project for further learning.


This is neither a definitive nor exhaustive list of free programming courses online, so we encourage all to go out and explore. Did you take a course you liked that we forgot to mention? Comment with your experience or ask CRMD’s very own expert consultants and developers your programming related questions below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get top tips and tricks straight to your inbox every month.

IBM and Salesforce strike historic partnership.

Marc Benioff of Salesforce speaking at conference. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

Marc Benioff of Salesforce speaking at conference. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons.


On Monday, the two Fortune 500 giants announced a major deal to join force in a global strategic partnership. Per Fortune, the terms of the deal have IBM and Salesforce integrating Watson, an AI IBM showed off on Jeopardy! and Einstein from Salesforce respectively. Earlier in the week, Fortune Andrew Nusca interviewed IBM CEO Ginne Rommety and Marc Benioff to get a clearer understanding of this major news.

Here are the highlights from their phone interview regarding the landmark agreement.

  • Benioff mentions that IBM will support and use Salesforce products internally.
  • Rommetty believes 2017 will be the year “AI hit the world at scale”
  • Benioff with deference, tells Nusca he has always been a fan of IBM.
  • Salesforce turns 18 tomorrow, March 8th, 2017.
  • Rommetty’s IBM acquired Bluewolf and in some beautiful coincidence, spawned CRMD.
  • IBM and Salesforce currently share over 5,000 join clients -Artificial Intelligence is fundamental to IBM, and Watson is an enduring platform on the IBM cloud.

Quote of the article: ‘This is really beyond my wildest dreams in terms of what’s possible today. And by the way—that we’re able to replace Microsoft’s products [at IBM] is a bonus for us. (laughs)” – Marc Benioff to Andrew Nusca

Watch the announcement by CNBC here 

IDC projects Salesforce ecosystem will create 1.9M new jobs by 2020

IDC reports Salesforce ecosystem to bring 2M new jobs

IDC reports Salesforce ecosystem to bring 2M new jobs

In a new research study by IDC on Salesforce, the International Data Corporation believes nearly 1.9M new jobs will have been created under the Salesforce ecosystem, impacting new GDP by more than $389M. 

Takeaways from IDC’s research reported by techseen:

  • Salesforce was the first to capitalize on cloud computing back in 2000, when it was still in a nascent concept for most.
  • Cloud computing only floated above 1% of IT spending after 2009
  • IT is a $2 trillion market.
  • For every $1 Salesforce makes, the company’s ecosystem gains +$4.14.
    • Trailblazer, an online learning environmentto earn in-demand Salesforce certification badges, passed the 1 million badge mark recently.

You can read the full report here and don’t forget to follow CRMD on social media or subscribe to us for more Salesforce news straight to your inbox.

5 Best Website to Learn Something New

We’ve plucked the 5 best websites to learn anything from data science to fundamental maths to learning a new language. This list is neither a definitive or exhaustive list (see below) of best websites. Learn powerful new skills for your career or personal development and never stop learning.


Without further ado and in no particular order, 5 crazy good websites to learn anything:

  1. Learn to code amazing websites in HTML, Javascript, and CSS with Dash, a free online course from General Assembly.

  2. Professional courses in marketing, design, and programming led by top industry experts (Kevin Hale, Dave McClure, Sam Altman to name a few) with Platzi.
  3. You’ve probably come across a few of TED-Ed’s insightful and incredibly enlightening talks, but did you ever dream there’d be SO many more? Lucky you.
  4. This year is finally the year you master French and flirt your way through the city of lights. Learn French, and 20 more languages, with Duolingo.
  5. SQL and Excel for data analysis are important skills in any project environment, so get cracking with DataMonkey and churn out those data sets!


The good people at MAQToob have compiled a list of 37 great websites that will  teach you practically anything, and for free. For more learning, check out for a complete online resource.