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IDC projects Salesforce ecosystem will create 1.9M new jobs by 2020

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IDC reports Salesforce ecosystem to bring 2M new jobs

IDC reports Salesforce ecosystem to bring 2M new jobs

In a new research study by IDC on Salesforce, the International Data Corporation believes nearly 1.9M new jobs will have been created under the Salesforce ecosystem, impacting new GDP by more than $389M. 

Takeaways from IDC’s research reported by techseen:

  • Salesforce was the first to capitalize on cloud computing back in 2000, when it was still in a nascent concept for most.
  • Cloud computing only floated above 1% of IT spending after 2009
  • IT is a $2 trillion market.
  • For every $1 Salesforce makes, the company’s ecosystem gains +$4.14.
    • Trailblazer, an online learning environmentto earn in-demand Salesforce certification badges, passed the 1 million badge mark recently.

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